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Criminal Defense


If you are charged with a crime, you have the right to have your attorney present at every proceeding and during any questioning by police or the prosecution.

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Felonies Are Forever

If you have been arrested for a felony, you should immediately seek the assistance of legal counsel. A felony conviction will affect the rest of your life. Your ability to secure a job will be significantly impaired. You can also be stripped of your right to vote and bear arms, among other things.

Generally speaking, a felony is a crime for which a sentence may be more than one year in prison. In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, there are four classes of Felonies with varying sentences associated with each:

Class A: At least twenty (20) but not more than fifty (50) years.

Class B: At least ten (10) but not more than twenty (20) years.

Class C: At lease five (5) but not more than ten (10) years.

Class D: At least one (1) but not more than five (5) years.

Do not face a felony without the advice of an attorney. Felony convictions can involve mandatory minimum sentences, habitual felony offender status and other negative consequences.

Many sex crime convictions will require a lifetime of registration as a registered sex offender. Additionally, many drug convictions will disqualify you and your family from public housing and can affect your ability to receive government assistance for furthering your education.

If you have been arrested for a felony, The Law Office of Jessica Fox Flinn, PLLCurges you to speak with an attorney immediately to discuss your defense and preserve your rights. Call us at (270) 226-1103 today to schedule a consultation.

Misdemeanors are Nothing Minor

A misdemeanor may sound like a minor offense, but do not underestimate the implications it may have on your life, ability to work, and privilege to drive. Misdemeanors can carry with them a maximum sentence of one year in a County Jail, but can also entail things such as probation, fines, court costs, and other court mandated classes and requirements. Misdemeanor convictions can also affect you down the road through enhanced sentences if you are ever to find yourself in trouble again.

Generally speaking, a misdemeanor is a crime for which the sentence may be less than 1 year in jail. In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, there are two classes of misdemeanors.

Class A: Maximum Imprisonment between ninety (90) days and twelve (12) months.

Class B: Maximum Imprisonment less than ninety (90) days.

Violation: Fine only or any other punishment other than imprisonment or death.

If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor, you should seek the advice of an attorney immediately to discuss the options available to you, preserve your rights and evaluate for possible motions to suppress or dismiss. The Law Office of Jessica Fox Flinn, PLLC can help your through the complicated criminal law process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Criminal Law: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in most cases. You can either hire an attorney or one will be appointed by the State. You can proceed pro se, but it is not an advisable course. We will answer your questions without obligation and without charge so that you can make that decision. However, generally speaking, many cases involve difficult legal and factual issues which can best be sorted out by an attorney who is trained in handling criminal matters. Further, without an attorney, the Police and Prosecutor are able to continue to build a case without you having someone to defend your rights. This often has long-term, irreversible and damaging effects on an individual's case. Let's be clear, the State Prosecutors do not have any concern for your well-being and are not looking to protect your best interests, they are looking to convict you of the crime you have been charged with. That is where The Law Office of Jessica Fox Flinn, PLLC, can help make the difference.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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